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Make Space for What Matters
Dream Big
Find Wonder
Live Simply
Give Thanks
Be Kind to Yourself
Today You Will Thrive
Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart
Find Joy in the Ordinary
Create the Life You Want
Follow Your Heart & Intuition
Be Here, Now
Disconnect to Reconnect
Seek Joy
Enjoy the Little Things
What You Do Makes a Difference
Your Focus Determines Your Reality
Let Go of the Things You Cannot Change

Search Results

Regalia Bay
HK$ 220,000 incl
Regalia Bay

Room(s)5 beds, 4 baths

Size (gross sq.ft)4,936

Cape Road 8
HK$ 79,000 incl / 40,000,000
Cape Road 8

Room(s)2 beds, 2 baths

Size (gross sq.ft)1,800

The Carmina
HK$ 103,000 incl
The Carmina

Room(s)4 beds, 3 baths

Size (gross sq.ft)2,396

Pacific View
HK$ 140,000 excl
Pacific View

Room(s)4 beds, 3 baths

Size (gross sq.ft)3,393

HK$ 370,000 incl

Room(s)5 beds, 6 baths

Size (gross sq.ft)4,204