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Nest Property


Nest Property is a bespoke real estate agency that focuses on sourcing only the best properties to buy and to rent in Hong Kong — from luxury beachfront villas to city-slicker lofts. We’re boutique in tastes, in mindset and in spirit – we scour the land for that ‘special something’. That doesn’t mean we’re ageist or sizeist. We can be equally as passionate about a 500 sq. ft. loft in a 1960’s walk-up as a brand-new, sprawling 4,500 sq. ft. architectural triumph set atop the Peak. We’re boutique because we’re selective, but within that there’s a whole array of wonderful homes for all sorts of different reasons.

Nest Property meets the growing demand for exceptional living spaces of all kinds – including lofts, industrial and commercial-space conversions, architects’ own homes, and colonial houses and Grand-Dame apartments with excellent extensions and superior interiors. The rudimentary purpose of a building is to provide shelter, but in the hands of the right architect or designer, it can frame a space and capture light in a life-enhancing way.

At Nest Property, we sell homes that inspire us. Our portfolio of properties is carefully curated and extensively researched, with all images taken by our own editorial photographer, to ensure the property can be captured in its ‘best light’.

Nest Property places great emphasis on the happiness & well-being of its clients and employees alike. We stand for a superlative quality of customer service and impeccable taste and attention to detail. We take into consideration our clients’ precious time, and as such, we like to provide them with an unparalleled 5-Star service wherever possible.

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