Woman Drinking Coffee | New Cafés in Hong Kong | Nest Property
New Mouth-Watering Cafés to try this September

  Fancy a bit of café hopping? Well, we have got you some of the best new spots to grab your next “to-go” from or to just sit and relax with...

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Art | What's On In Hong Kong | Nest Property
What’s On Hong Kong?

  Itching to get out of the house but have no clue where to go or what to do? Well, we've got you covered with great outings and events we have...

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Woman Relaxing & Reading a Book | Relax & Escape the World for a Little… Books You’ll Want to Read | Nest Property
Relax & Escape the World for a Little… Books You’ll Want to Read

  “Take a good book to bed with you — books do not snore.” — Thea Dorn There is nothing better than winding down at the end of a long day and...

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Girl Doing Yoga | Meditation Apps For Kids | Nest Property
Keep Calm and Carry On

  The pandemic has turned our worlds upside down and with our kids being in and out of schools, it’s sure to add some stress and anxiety that comes from upset...

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RADICALCHIC | New Restaurants Hong Kong | Nest Property
Eat Your Heart Out! New Restaurants That You’ll Love

  No need to go looking for new restaurants to dine at; we've been on the lookout and have selected 5 of the best new places for you to try!   1. RADICALCHIC   RADICALCHIC...

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Sustainable Fashion Brands To Shop In Hong Kong

  Every year in Hong Kong, 110,000 tonnes of textile garments are sent to landfills. Just Hong Kong alone. Mind-boggling! If you've seen David Attenborough's documentary Life on Earth, you know there is a...

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