Water Sports Hong Kong | Nest Property
Your Hong Kong Water Sports Guide

  Summer is here and whether you’re a boundary-pushing thrill-seeker, or partial to trying something new, there’s an adventure with your name on it. From scuba-diving and surfing to SUPing and...

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Top Dim Sum in Hong Kong | Nest Property
Top Dim Sum Restaurants in Hong Kong

  You can't deny that dim sum is part of Hong Kong’s identity. There’s just something about those bamboo steamers and all the deliciousness they contain. Whether you prefer to stick...

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Best Pizza in Hong Kong | Nest Property
The Best Pizza in Hong Kong: An Italian’s Guide

  There are countless regional variations of pizza that differ widely from Italy’s most authentic Neapolitan pizza. This makes for a diverse feast that will cater to anyone’s taste. Here are...

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Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival Guide | Nest Property
Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival Guide

  ORIGIN & HISTORY   While there are several stories attributed to the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, the best known version in modern China is that the Festival commemorates the death...

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Movers Relocation Hong Kong | Nest Property
Hong Kong’s Best Moving Companies

  Time to move? We understand that moving can be extremely stressful, we would like to make your move as stress-free and smooth as possible. So, we have picked out some of...

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Creative Workshops in Hong kong | Nest Property
Creative Workshops to Try in Hong Kong

  Thinking of trying out something new? Expand your skill set and feed your creative mind with these fantastic workshops. Find a new hobby for yourself, you will not be disappointed.     1....

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