Travelling to Hong Kong? What You Need to Know

  If you are planning on travelling to Hong Kong, there is some good news! Hong Kong has eased up on their travel regulations, making it much more comfortable travelling into...

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Halloween Costumes and Decor in Hong Kong | Nest Property
Halloween in Hong Kong: Costumes and Decor

  With Halloween just around the corner, let’s take a look at where we can find this year’s costume as well as some great decorations for the home and office to...

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Zuma | Top Sushi Picks Hong Kong | Nest Property
Top Picks for Sushi in Hong Kong

  From sashimi to nigiri and everything in between we are spoilt for choice with an ever-increasing array of sushi restaurants popping up all over Hong Kong. We have picked out...

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Waterfall Hikes in Hong Kong | Nest Property
Stunning Waterfall Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

  The heat and humidity are just part and parcel of living in Hong Kong, so any hiking trail with a refreshing water stop is always welcome. Not to mention a...

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Alternative Healing in Hong Kong | Nest Property
A Guide to Alternative Healing in Hong Kong

  Sure, most of us like to keep healthy by eating right and exercising at our local gym but if you are one that wants that bit extra and if you’re...

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Mooncakes for Mid Autumn Festival | Nest Property
The Best Mooncakes for This Mid Autumn Festival

  With just a few days ahead of the holiday which is this Saturday, 10th  September this year, we line up some of the best traditional and non-traditional mooncakes for your...

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